Love Life.

Magnify your natural desirability.

ByoMate heightens your senses and maximizes your stamina.

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We’ve developed ByoMate in order to make finding a connection easier, faster, and more fun.

Life is tough. Love even more so. ByoLogyc may be a company inspired by the mind, but we know it’s matters of the heart that are important. Why leave your happiness up to chance? Why trust an online survey to get your love life on track? Why not make passion as important as pleasure? There are countless products available that put sex before everything else, focusing on the body but ignoring the soul. ByoMate is here to change all that.

Magnify your natural desirability.

Take a single dose, and your natural desirability is magnified, your senses heightened and your stamina maximized. Whether it makes you feel like the jack of spades or the queen of hearts, ByoMate is the ace up your sleeve.

Bring two together as one.

Take a dose with someone else (your beloved or your most wanted) and the experience is doubled, driving you and your partner towards heights of pleasure and into the depths of each other's souls.

Developed from nature's finest.

Developed from potent organic aphrodisiacs and pheromones sourced from nature’s most virile and loyal lovers, you'll soon come to see why ByoMate is the tie that binds.